Fascination, innovation and always being one step ahead – these are the aspirations of our globally active company in the competence areas of ventilation systems, control engineering, drive and automotive technology. The company has been achieving great things since it was founded by Emil Ziehl in Berlin in 1910, and today has its headquarters based in Künzelsau, Baden-Württemberg. This is also the location of our InVent development and competence centre, where revolutionary advancements and pioneering technologies are born.

ZIEHL-ABEGG – 4,100 employees, 16 production sites, 29 companies, 111 sales offices. A place full of unique inventions to benefit our customers in the form of first-class products that are highly efficient and reduce emissions. We set high standards in our plans for targeted growth, profitability and for the future in general with consistently sound judgement and the premise of maintaining an environment that is worth living in, both for us now and future generations.

Axial Fans


Process air fans

Greenhouses Fans

Centrifugal fans


ZIEHL-ABEGG offers a variety of high-grade fans for greenhouses and agricultural applications, Professional Greenhouses need an isolated, complete, and balanced ecosystem; however sustainability is also key.

Hygiene and sterility have the highest priority in farms and greenhouses or, for example, facilities for storing and drying agricultural products. In farm animal husbandry, controlled climate management is an essential factor for the health, performance, and freedom from the animals’ stress. This is ensured by the fans and control technology products from ZIEHL-ABEGG with a greatly reduced acoustic noise pollution. Due to their robust, stable design, the fans can be used for almost any climate control requirement in agriculture.

The precisely tuned, energy-saving speed control of the motors and fans and the unique bionic blade design create a pleasant climate of the highest quality and demand. Specially developed motor protection devices from ZIEHL-ABEGG ensure maximum safety and reliability.