Venturi Valve (Air valves)

What is a Venturi Valve (Air Valve) ?


The venturi valve is a tube with a constricted neck, resulting in an hourglass-like shape. A cone inside the valve is able to move back and forth parallel to the valve’s body (and parallel to the air stream). The shapes of the cone assembly, the positioning spring within it, and the orifice of the valve’s constricted section are carefully engineered to regulate flow rates as the cone assembly moves forward and backward in response to demand and static air pressure changes.

Antec Controls offers Venturi Valves, Venturi FX Valves (High Accuracy Terminal Unit with damper-style assembly) and standard VAV airflow control devices suitable for use in critical spaces. We understand that each application has unique requirements and there is no single perfect airflow control technology for all critical spaces. Our products integrate to create a safe, high-performing and cost-effective solution for each space. Our Application and Product sections on the website contains Application Overviews, Specifications, Revit Models, CAD Blocks and Project Submittal samples to help make project design easier.

Antec Controls offers a diverse product line to create a dynamic, safe and cost-effective solution for every critical space. Our critical space controller, PaceTM, is highly configurable and accepts third-party sensors and thermostats to maintain a uniform style throughout the entire facility. Our controls are designed for BACnet and BTL listed for easy integration with existing building networks. Our Applications section of the website gives an overview of typical critical spaces and how our products integrate to create a complete control solution.




The Venturi FX Valve is designed specifically for high accuracy airflow control and measures flow utilizing ports installed non-invasive to the airflow stream.

  • Controlled accuracy within +/-5% of measured airflow
  • Closed loop airflow measurement



Venturi Valves are mechanically pressure independent airflow control valves designed specifically for room pressure and fume hood control applications.

  • Characterized using NVLAP-accredited airflow stations
  • Medium or low pressure operation
  • Operating pressure feedback