Systemair Fans

We cover the Egyptian Market all kind of fans from  27 Systemair factories around the world.

Systemair Group is a German-Swedish company engaged in the development, production of ventilation products and solutions. The products are marketed under the Systemair, Fantech, Frico and VEAB brands.

Systemair consists of 79 operating companies with more than 6,000 employees. We have 27 modern and well-invested production facilities in 19 countries. Systemair’s product development organisations consists of 250 engineers and technicians with cutting-edge expertise across relevant technologies.

The products Systemair manufactures include air handling units, fans, heating and air conditioning, tunnel and car park ventilation systems, air distribution products, fire safety products, data center cooling products, and air curtains.

The key to keeping air fresh

Systemair has a wide range of fans for use in various applications from residential buildings to small office premises to hospitals and large industrial applications. All products in our range have been extensively tested, both in the laboratory and in the field, in order to comply with current and future demands for low energy consumption. All products are also manufactured to comply with international environmental requirements.

Circular and rectangular duct fans

A proud tradition of quality and innovation

The Systemair circular duct fan was the first of its kind, revolutionizing the world of ventilation when it was first unveiled in 1974.
As the result of continuous improvements, our circular and rectangular duct fans set today’s standards in terms of performance, functionality and reliability.
Our circular and rectangular duct fans are used in offices, industrial and residential buildings where there is a need for compact and reliable air supply and extraction systems.

Roof fans

Our classics

Systemair roof fans are available in horizontal or vertical discharge models that provide highly reliable exhaust solutions. Low-noise, explosion-proof and smoke-extraction variants are also available, as well as thermo fans with the motor outside the airstream. With “Our roof fans with EC motors ensures low operational costs, as its motor saves energy and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Thermo fans

For kitchens and heavy-duty

Systemair thermo fans are the first choice for high air flow temperatures and harsh operating conditions. They are the smart choice when expectations are higher than average, in applications such as extraction from kitchens, process air systems and industrial ovens. Depending on the model, they are suitable for continuous air flow temperatures of up to 200°C.

Explosion-proof fans

The safest choice in ventilation

The design and manufacturing of explosion-proof fans is one of Systemair’s specialties. Our EX portfolio is the most extensive on the market, fulfilling the highest expectations when it comes to ventilating any area where there is a risk of explosion, such as labs that handle chemicals and industrial facilities that generate combustible dust. Our EX fans are also ideal for ensuring high-safety ventilation solutions in the shipping industry.
Each of our EX fan models has been designed from scratch to ensure spark-free operation both electrically and mechanically, and we have a long tradition of relying on third-party testing to confirm full compliance with all relevant regulations, including ATEX Directive 2014/35/EC. The complete EX range meets the requirements for ignition protection type EX e “increased safety” or EX d “flameproof enclosure.”
The EX fan portfolio is complemented by a range of suitable accessories that are also fully approved for the EX zone.

Plastic fans

The smart choice for dirty or corrosive environments

Where dirt, corrosive gases or other problematic elements occur, fans are exposed to particular challenges. Our plastic fans were specially developed for such applications in the food, electronics and chemical industries. With the help of solid and carefully selected components, plastic fans function reliably in unfavorable conditions and have an impressively long service life.

Axial fans

The best in the business 

Our axial fans are well suited to a wide range of applications, encompassing everything from large shopping malls to underground car parks to tunnel and metro projects around the world. Safety applications such as smoke extraction and explosion-proof fans are also part of our core competencies. The AW sileo and AR sileo ranges are suitable for low pressure environments, while the AXC range is intended for medium to high pressure.

Smoke extraction fans & Pressure differential systems

Customized solutions for your safety

Modern fire safety ventilation is based on a system approach that integrates smoke extraction fans with pressure differential. At Systemair, we have become increasingly involved in the engineering process for larger projects to design customized solutions that offer high levels of both safety and energy efficiency. Our pressure differential systems pump in fresh air and over-pressurize so that no smoke can enter. When used in combination with smoke extraction fans, the system effectively pushes smoke toward them so that they can quickly and efficiently remove it from the building. Our unmatched range of smoke extraction fans have all been tested according to the European product and testing standard EN 12101-3.

Metro, Rail & Tunnel (MRT) ventilation

Complete, high-performance systems

Systemair has several decades of experience designing and manufacturing ventilation solutions for all types of road, rail and metro tunnels around the world. Our deep expertise and sophisticated calculation tools enable us to create customized solutions that provide a high level of safety and comfort while simultaneously minimizing energy consumption through the use of our specially designed motors, impellers and fan casings. Air volumes up to 150 m³/s and 5000 Pa are available.
Our tunnel fans prove their worth right from the start of the construction phase of the tunnel project by supplying the site with fresh air. When the tunnel is opened to traffic, the fans transport exhaust gases, dust and heat to the outside, ensuring a clear view and good travel and working conditions for both people and vehicles.
In the event of fire, our tunnel smoke extraction fans save lives by effectively keeping escape and rescue routes free of smoke and heat. They are tested in accordance with EN 12101-3 for temperatures up to 400°C for 120 minutes.

Car park jet fans & control systems

Custom designed, integrated solutions

Our car park jet fans ensure good air quality and maximize fire safety by efficiently removing car exhaust, dust and smoke from underground parking garages.
On top of delivering high-quality fans, we also supply main exhaust/supply fans and control systems, and use our engineering expertise to help customers create a tailored solution and integrate it into their project. During the planning phase, we offer Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to prove that the proposed system design will operate efficiently.
Systemair jet fans are tested in accordance with EN 12101-3 and correspond to the temperature class F300–300°C/120 min, and F400–400°C/120 min.