Data centres applications

Cooling accounts for the highest cost in data centres. Growing storage capacity is creating a greater demand. We can supply both free cooling air handling units and close control units.

Systemair offers a comprehensive range of products for ventilation and cooling for data centres – even in the most challenging climates.
Since cooling accounts for the largest proportion of data center energy consumption, the products that make up the system need to be as energy-efficient as possible to minimize costs and climate impact.
In the event of fire, the system must effectively prevent spread of toxic smoke and gases.

Specialized Data Centre products from Systemair:
Close Control units

Systemair offers wide range of Close Control terminals that fit practically every Data Centre design. Close Control units are characterized with low sound levels and energy efficiency. External cooling support is done with Chillers or Condensing units.

Free-Cooling units

Direct Free Cooling unit (DFC) is able to use 100% cooling energy of Fresh air and has smallest pressure drop that results in smallest pPUE figures.
Indirect Free Cooling unit (IFC) is safest solution even for extreme climatic zones where outdoor air relative humidity level can vary a lot. Unit uses outdoor air adiabatic cooling to obtain a low OPEX and pPUE.

Each data centre project requires its own carefully tailored solution comprised of the following components:

  • Air handling units
  • Water- or Air-cooled chillers
  • Fans
  • Air distribution products
  • Heat exchangers
  • Heat pumps
  • Condensing equipment
  • Fire safety ventilation