Systemair Air Volume Control

Air Volume Control

Rectangular and Circular dampers available in up to air tightness class of C4 acc. to EN1751, highest rating for building duct system.

Constant volume regulators with and without actuator overrides, variable Air volume regulators with large range of control.

Manufactured in sheet steel casing and dampers or in combination of sheet steel frames and extruded aluminium blades assure a robust and precise air volume control.

Variable Air Volume Control

VAV Controller and Low Velocity VAV Controller (pressure independent)


Single or double skin circular VAV terminal units are commonly used for return air applications or for supply applications at low system pressures. OPTIMA terminal units are ideal for single zone control with supply and return in Master and Slave setup such as offices, hotel rooms or meeting rooms where the required cooling and heating load will vary on demand.


  • Extends the range of VAV controllers in low air flow velocity part – down to 0,2 m/s
  • Adaptive measurement probe for high efficient dynamic pressure readings on whole velocity range
  • Advanced algorithm for appropriate control at subliminal duct static pressure
  • Operableat∆prange2Pa…600Pa
  • Unprecedented control ratio Vmax/Vmin = 30/1 (0,2 m/s … 6 m/s)
  • Lowest possible cross section restriction for given pressure – /flow parameters >> low pressure loss, low noise
  • No straight duct in front or behind the VAV controller required . Installation immediately behind or in front of elbow or tee duct piece is possible .
  • Accuracy: app. 5% defiation from measured value *
  • Leakage class 4C
  • Full set of operation and override functions (Open, Close, Vmin, Vmax)
  • On-board Bus communication port available

Constant Air Volume Control


NOTUS-R is a constant air volume flow controller withmechanical type of operation (no need for auxiliaryenergy or actuation). It is intended to control theconstant air flow independently of the duct air pressurein the range of 50 Pa to 1000 Pa. The constant airflow value can be set by a rotating dial within a rangedependent on the size of product manually (type M0) orby an electric actuator (type M1). The actuator positioncan be controlled continuously by DC 0 V… 10 V signal.

The control setpoint can be chosen by actuator also from two discrete positions adjusted by mechanical stops onactuator (Types M1 and M2).

The flow volume setup positions with correspondingcontrol voltage values can be found on the productlabel. More information to adjustment of typesM0, M1, M2 can be found in installation manual“InstalMaintenOperInstrPP-66NOTUS-R”.

The ratio between minimal and maximal air flow setupvalue is app. 1:3.

The control error is ± 10 % of the set-point value on thewhole control range. The uncertainty of the setup dialscale is ± 4 %

With standard-sized circular connections it fits into thecircular ducts of 80 mm up to 400 mm in diameter.

For Venturi Valve (Air Valve pressure independent) 

Antec products are used in critical applications like laboratories, operating rooms, isolation rooms, pharmacies, and retrofits.

Antec Controls understands that each application has unique requirements and there is no single perfect airflow control technology for all critical spaces. Antec’s products integrate to create a safe, high-performing, and cost-effective solution for each critical space.