Price Industries is a supplier of air distribution, critical controls, and noise control products. It offers diffusers, grilles, terminal units, noise control, critical environments, beams, under-floor, displacement, radiant, fan and blower coils, louvers, dampers, roof top unit controller, pressure control valve, and other products.

Price Industries is another company that got its start in Winnipeg and is having massive amount of success abroad. But the manufacturer of commercial air distribution products has taken an under-the-radar approach to its business, quietly becoming one of North America’s premiere commercial HVAC suppliers, all from its headquarters in northeast Winnipeg.

Under Gerry’s leadership, Price entered the U.S. market, and eventually became the market leader in the commercial, institutional and industrial air distribution HVAC market, and now has a market share of 38 percent in the U.S., and approximately 49 per cent in Canada.

Price is growing its footprint in northeast Winnipeg. After the latest expansion, their space in Winnipeg will total 523,000 square feet.