Odour Control units

Odour Control Solutions

Many industries release odorous gases that are highly corrosive in nature, which can have a negative impact on equipment life, productivity, and quality of life. Bad odour can cause a negative impact on the business and often leads to negative publicity causing breakdown of the company and community relations.

From wastewater treatment to food and beverage processing to pharmaceutical production and beyond, foul odors are a common challenge and if the odour levels exceed the permissible limit, the authorities can limit or stop all the activities.

A Specialist in Odour Control Solutions

Grok assess the situation in Industrial, commercial or municipal facilities that emits foul odours in the facility and its neighbourhood. We provide optimum solutions for odour control units based on the requirement. With a strong team of scientists and experts from the odour control industry, who were a part of many large industrial air purification projects around the world, Grok has been able to resolve odour issues of our clients that have made the working conditions inside wastewater and sewage treatment plants more comfortable.

  • Adsorption System
  • Chemical Oxidation System
  • Biological Oxidation System