Why Odour Control System?


  • 20 years ago, there was no much discussion on Odour control in wastewater treatment,
  • WWTPs where far away from city, cities were not crowded; Odour was not making much issue.
  • Now cities expanded, wastewater networks increased, WWTP became inside the city. Odour became a significant problem for residents and public.
  • Odour Control Units became an essential process equipment as a part of wastewater treatment process in many cities around the world.
  • Remove these odour from its source, before it’s spread to atmosphere. Use proper designed odour control units to extract these odourous gases from its source and treat the odour, before spread to the surrounding air.

Odour Units


The Odour control system Is designed to treat hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and other odorous compounds found in the air related to pumping stations, inlet works, Wastewater treatment plants and sludge treatment area.

The odour control system shall be single stage process, with a duty & stand-by fans to extract the odorous air from the process the area, air pass through activated carbon system before releasing to atmosphere.

Our standard odour control unit’s capacity are ranging from 50 m3/hr to 1,000 m3/hr.

How it is work ?


Activated Carbon Process:

Odourous air in contact with activated carbon media, will adsorb the hydrogen sulfide and other odour gases present in the air, and will release the purified air to atmosphere. The media shall be pelletized activated carbon made of coconut shell, specially made for wastewater odour removal application. Media shall be water regenerable at site with potable / irrigation water.

The cleaned air is discharge to the atmosphere through one stack at the top of the unit. Treated air quality shall be continuously monitored by hydrogen sulphide sensor.

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