Frico Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans push down overheated air from the ceiling to the dwelling zone and in this way save energy and increase heating comfort. In rooms with high ceilings, the savings are very large. Together with the low initial investment, pay back times are very short.



Equalizes the temperature in buildings with high ceilings
Ceiling fans are used primarily to equalize the temperature in rooms with high ceilings, such as industrial and warehouse buildings, gymnasiums, and shops. Several controls as well as downrods and blades of different sizes are available, making it possible to adapt ceiling fan ICF to almost all applications.
Ceiling fan ICF pushes the warm air from the ceiling and thus lowers the temperature there, the heat losses through the roof and walls are reduced and in many cases, heating costs can be reduced by up to 30%.
Industrial ceiling fan ICF is of high quality and maintenance free with a long service life. Easy installation and low energy consumption gives a very short pay-off period, in many instances in less than a year.