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Frico Products

AMCA Certified Air Curtains

Frico, that is a member of Systemair group, is the market leader in air curtains and heating products in Europe. Frico is represented via subsidiaries or distributors in 70 countries.

Frico, now has a range of AMCA certified air curtains. The air curtains have been certified in three standards, AMCA 210 for airflow, AMCA 220 for throw length and AMCA 300 for sound.

Important to note that Frico is the only air curtain certified with AMCA 300 for sound. As you may be aware of, Frico PA-units have extremely low sound levels.

As Frico has its own AMCA certified laboratory has of course helped us in the process. Actually, Frico is the only air curtain manufacturer with an AMCA certified laboratory. Frico is also a member of AMCA.


Air curtains

It makes sound economic sense to create an efficient and invisible door that keeps the heat inside. Air curtains can be even more effective when used in air conditioned or cold storage buildings. Thermozone technology with its precisely adjusted air velocity gives even protection throughout the opening.
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Radiant Heaters

Frico radiant heaters imitate the sun, the most comfortable and efficient heat source available. The heat is emitted only when the rays hit a surface and the room temperature can thus be lowered while occupants experience a comfortable environment.
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Fan heaters

For decades Frico has been the world leader in fan heater design. Today we have a complete range of high quality equipment modelled on the demanding climate of Scandinavia. Frico’s worldwide distribution network encounters many different environmental conditions,
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Convection is the term for the rotating air movement where the air is affected by a heat source. The air is heated – rises upwards – cools and comes back to then be reheated. This gives good comfort through good heat distribution and the warm air flow directed upwards
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Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans push down overheated air from the ceiling to the dwelling zone and in this way save energy and increase heating comfort. In rooms with high ceilings, the savings are very large. Together with the low initial investment, pay back times are very short.
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Frico offers a wide range of control options, from thermostats to intelligent control systems
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