As a worldwide innovation leader in fans and motors with about 20,000 different products, ebmpapst the ideal solution for virtually all air technology and drive engineering tasks. If we do not have it already, our 650 engineers and technicians will work with you to develop a new one.

The ebmpapst is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors. Our wide range of over 15 000 products can be found in many industries, including ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, household appliances, heating, IT and telecommunications, as well as automotive and commercial vehicles

ebmpapst has employs around 15,058 employees at 25 production facilities (including those in Germany, China, and the USA) and 49 sales offices worldwide. The headquarters is located in Germany.

ebmpapst finished the fiscal year 2018/19 with sales revenues of € 2.183 billion

ebmpapst. is the largest fan and blower company in the world and leads the air moving industry with superior technology, as well as the highest quality products. Modern electronics operate with smaller components and tightly integrated circuits that produce heat waste.

ebmpapst, the world’s largest supplier of AC and DC fans for electronic cooling, has been aggressively developing powerful and efficient mini-fans to solve today’s cooling problems.

ebmpapst. manufactures and distributes fans, blowers, and air movers. The Company offers interface adapters, pumps, motors, tubeaxial and axial fans, gas blowers, handheld programmers, and flyers. ebmpapst serves clients globally.

ebmpapst Greenhouses Fans

The perfect climate in greenhouses.

Fans are responsible for circulating air in greenhouses, helping to supply the plants with the oxygen they need. Legal requirements and increasing energy costs are fueling the market demand for new, innovative solutions. Which is why energy-efficient fans are constantly gaining in importance in agricultural applications.

The advantages of fans from ebmpapst for greenhouses:

  • Simple installation
  • High-efficiency blade profile
  • Revolutionary noise reduction
  • High efficiency
  • Perfectly coordinated complete system

Best possible product protection

A high standard of refrigeration is required to maintain the quality of goods in storage: Temperature fluctuations and drying-out of the refrigerated items must be kept to a minimum, and the defrosting cycles must be short. All this can be ensured thanks to the ideal distribution of cold air in the cold store and innovative concepts such as the patented fan housing design. AxiCool is fully equipped to meet the special challenges involved in processes like cheese maturing or storing sensitive fruit and vegetables.

Maximum hygiene

AxiCool cuts no corners when it comes to hygiene. AxiCool features a high level of splash water protection (up to IP 55) and smooth surfaces with no visible screws. The great advantage: Dirt cannot take hold. On top of that, the intelligent design ensures easy cleaning in accordance with the HACCP regulation. And the integrated hinge function of the AxiCool up to size 450 speeds up the process: Simply unfasten the screws, open up the fan, and clean it.

means a perfect match.

Guard grill

  • Robust design
  • Standard version with flat metal guard grill for easy cleaning
  • A mounting grill is used for versions with guide vanes
  • Motor cover provides extra protection against splash water

Guide Vanes

    • Can double the fan throw for a comparable air flow
    • More even distribution of the air flow in the room
    • Easy to detach and clean

GreenTech EC motor

      • Direct integration of the compact external rotor motor into the axial impeller
      • Great efficiency and minimal self-heating
      • IP 54 protection class provides optimum protection against splash water
      • Exact regulation of air flow – with 0-10 V linear or PWM input and speed signal
      • Durability thanks to maintenance-free ball bearings and brushless commutation

HyBlade impeller

        • Impeller made of tough composite material
        • Greater efficiency thanks to profiled blade geometry and winglets
        • Aerodynamically ideal shape reduces noise levels by up to 4 dB(A)

Patented double-wall housing

          • Two-piece plastic fan housing with integrated channels for water drainage
          • Defrosting cycles can be optimized by retrofitting heating tape
          • Simple installation with 4 screws
          • Aerodynamically optimized shape for enhanced efficiency and quiet operation
          • Hinge-mounted fan can be simply moved aside for easy cleaning of the heat exchanger