How Biological Scrubbers work ?


Biological Scrubbers (also called Bio-Trickling Filters) treat gaseous contaminants in an airstream by passing it through a bed of microorganisms that feed on the gaseous molecules, consuming the H2S and other compounds as food removing them from the airstream. These microorganisms (Thiobacillus genus) live on a high surface inorganic bed inside the dedicated vessel at a low pH. Because H2S is what they consume, this eliminates the need for continuous carbon replacement in carbon bed adsorbers or chemical consumption in chemical scrubbers.

What we do ?


Grok offers biological scrubbers units designed to reduce the emissions of odorous gases like Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia, organic sulphur compounds and Volatile Organic Components (Mercaptans, Hydrocarbons) to the permissible limit. It also removes pollutants and odors efficiently from air impacted by industrial and manufacturing processes.

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