AQOZA – Green Technologies

With a strong team of experts and engineers from air purification industry, who were part of research & development and implementation of many innovative products and solutions in industrial air purification, Aqoza offers a wide range of products and solutions in Air Purification, Odour Control and Disinfection.

Aligning to green innovations and products, Aqoza offers a sustainable solution to its customers. Customers are changing their attitude not only because of law enforcements or by local community pressures but also adopting responsible environmental strategies. Where Aqoza becomes preferred partner in adoption the green technologies in air purification.


AQOZA is led by a team of experts from Adsorption and Catalytic Media manufacturing and Industrial Air Purification industry. The team has 75 years of combined experience in Industrial Air Purification in projects around the globe.


A world class research facility with a fully equipped laboratory to perform a large range of characterisation and testing. Lead by Ph.D holders with in-depth experience in Adsorption & Catalytic Media technologies. Supported by chemical Engineers. Capabilities in developing, piloting, and commercialising of a full range of offerings for the adsorption media requirements.

Aqoza is an associate of Suracsh Filters Pvt Ltd. Suracsh is a cutting-edge technology provider in Defence, Nuclear, and Chemical Air purification applications. Suracsh features World’s largest single manufacturing facility of Activated Carbon Sphere.