A little about us

Company Overview

GROK is one of the leading suppliers of ventilation and air conditioning systems by delivering quality products, we’ve been able to create a strong market position which is largely supported by our knowledge and expertise gained of constructions experience.

GROK has been established with an objective to provide ultimate solution and satisfaction to cater variety of projects needs ranging from general purpose to highly sophisticated equipment and instrumentation.

GROK has carved a niche for itself as one of the most trusted and well-reputed suppliers.

GROK team consists of experts ready to help resolve even the most difficult applications and we update ourselves constantly with the latest market trend enabling us to cater to the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

GROK offer a wide range of measurement instruments that are used in HVAC systems at commercial and industrial buildings.

GROK offers various types and sizes of pipe fittings that used in chilled water systems, firefighting system and compressed air systems.


Our Services

Ventilation Systems

Domestic & Utility Fans .Industrial Fans Controlled Mechanical .Ventilation with Heat Recovery.

Metering solutions

Advanced Water Metering .Commercial and Industrial Meters .Temperature & Pressure Meters .Variable Air Volume Boxes.

Piping systems

Grooved pipes fittings .Carbon Steel butt weld Pipes Fittings .Malleable Iron threaded Pipes Fittings Valves.

A little about us

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply a high-quality product to a satisfied customer. In addition, we value high service level for all people in contact with us.

The company continues to transform the industry with the most advanced engineering technologies and services that allow customers to tackle their most construction challenges.